My Review of MassTraffic X by Adrian Morrison

I’m sure Adrian Morrison the new genius of pennies per click marketing is a good person and wants his company to grow and succeed. I purchased his software after being informed I could start making money that very night. Well, I stayed up all night and worked on the software. Did exactly what I was supposed to do. Then I hit some roadblocks. The main roadblock was the affiliate that he recommended. I registered for the affiliate and never heard from them. So there I sat for several days waiting. No response.

During the registration, you were asked if you wanted to be enrolled in the coaching program. Of course, I signed up. The system was based on a different type of marketing that I had not seen. Needless to say, about two weeks later with no support or response from the affiliate, I asked for a refund. I got my refund.

I can’t remember the exact day; however, his coaching program representative called. He was very nice. I informed him that I had withdrawn from the program since I had to sit so long after spending a lot of money with nothing to show for it. He understood. He said he could get me back in the program. I told him I appreciated it; however, I had no interest. First impressions are usually long impressions to me.

This was in February 2012. I thought it was over with. Then Easter Saturday, April 7, 2012, I received a call showing PMI on the caller ID. I had been waiting for a call from another CPA network, I answered thinking it might be them.

It was a different representative for MassTrafficX with the coaching program. He sounded like a pushy used car salesman. He informed me that I wasn’t going to make any money without coaching by his program. I informed him I had been coached by several. He wouldn’t take no for an answer. I informed that I was not interested at this time. He wanted me to get my husband. He asked me my age and I told him that was personal. My husband happened to hear the end of my conversation and was getting very ill. My husband said it sounded like he was harassing me on the phone. My husband said let me talk to him, I’ll tell him what I think. What the representative didn’t know is that I had been taught by the best coach about the different strategies used when talking to people. I knew which strategy he was using.

I could tell he didn’t have a heart. He was going for the throat no matter what. I repeated nicely as I could that I was not interested. He kept going for the hot spot. I kept being as nice as I could be; but was not going in his direction. Just for your information, the person asking questions is the one in control. Ha! He didn’t know I knew that.

The representative hung up on me. Adrian Morrison if you are reading this, I don’t believe you want this kind of solicitation for your product or your name. As for MassTrafficX, it may be a way to make money online in the short run. You will have to decide for yourself. As for me I’m sticking to SEO marketing and not taking short cuts. It’s a long hard road, but in the end……… will be worth it.

For those of you looking for the next quick money making system, STOP! Find a coach and system you believe that works and stick with it till you start reaching your goals you set. NEVER GIVE UP!!! No matter what. No matter who tells you you can’t do it……. I believe in you!

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  • Wow!! What an experience, Mitzi! It’s funny how some people still can’t figure out that building relationships with others is the only way to sustain a long term business of any kind – online or not.

    One piece of advice that I was taught by one of my coaches/mentors in business was that if I have to talk you into doing/buying something using manipulation or fear know that I will never keep you as a client for long. Those tactics have been proven over and over to be ineffective especially long term.

    I agree that everyone reading this post should know you must have some kind of mentor or coach leading you. The key is to find one who is genuine and has a proven track record for helping others long term. There are several out there. No matter who you choose though – it must be YOU who does the work to gain success!! And true success will never happen overnight.

    Thanks for always being honest and sharing your experiences along your journey. You are so encouraging!!

  • Thanks Mitzi, as I am looking for online income while I’m out of work for a while due to injury. Have lots of time to sit at home and was looking at Adrian’s program to start with. doesn’t sound like a good experience. Guess I have to do more research.

  • Bob

    Any sugguestion?

    • mitzi

      I’ve been searching on the internet for ways to make money online……I can tell you there are some ones out there that once you register with them and buy their product, they will continue to market to you about other people’s products. When they do that…they are not looking out for your best interest. Bob, it is going to depend on what type of marketing you plan on doing on the internet. Blogging is the cheapest way to get started. I have purchased several get quick, easy-setup softwares, etc. and have been totally disappointed. Anytime they tell you, you can quickly make money……definitely stay away…don’t believe what you see on the videos….because everyone of them always says……either the price is going up or this is your last chance. Do your research. Don’t buy anything till you have researched. It took me a while to say no. What I am working with now is sticking to one thing that works and repeat and rinse again. It’s slow….but the information you learn is helpful. On my resources page, that’s who I have personally worked with. They are not for everyone.

  • George McGinn


    I hope this posts helps anyone who really wants to make money in Social Media marketing and advertising.

    What bothered me about his informercial was that I din’t need to know anyone, nor did anyone need to know my Facebook.

    I did not buy the program, because I think I figured it out.

    If he is requiring you to register with affiliate manager (like Commission Junction, etc.) what you are doing is getting approved for placing their ads on yours or other’s Web sites, and receiving click-through money.

    Since Facebook was mentioned, you can create your own SEO company, create a basic Web site, then when you have companies willing to let you advertise for them, you buy ads on Facebook, setting up each advertiser with proper keywords, and place them out there in hopes that anyone with interests similar to the company that you now “represent” clicks through and purchases something.

    You are better off to:

    1. Set up your own SEO or Social Media Marketing company.
    2. Create a simple Web site (using one-on-one or some other company that allows you to easily create a site using drag and drop.
    3. Market your services to local businesses in your city, town, country or state, and sell them a package service where you will place ads they design to specific target audiences on all social media outlets, saying that you actively promote your businesses.
    4. Set up a marketing plan with your business to give you a reason to post to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. so that it does not seem like spam (i.e. if you have a bookstore as your client, then part of the upfront fee they pay you, you will promote book signings using social media, specifically targeting those interested in the author, book subject, etc.
    5. Create specific ads to draw these people to LIKE your page for updates.

    Here, you can charge a company thousands of dollars to act as their ad and marketing agency on the Web as a social media marketing expert.

    You will do as much work for more money, you will make important contacts that may be of a benefit to you; you may be able to attend gatherings (the ones that make the society pages of your local newspaper) where you can network in person, and have more fun than working with a program and a company that manages your affiliates, taking a huge cut of any profits, holding checks until you make $100, and being a slave to your computer.

    My former newspaper editor (I was an investigative reporter until a disability destroyed my ability to do a job I have loved, and done for 40 years) did this, and she is making tons of money, and the movers and shakers of the community all know who she is and hold her in high respect.

    George McGinn
    Sarasota, FL

    • Thank God I came across the above very revealing piece of information before i signed up for Adrian Morrison’s Affliliate Marketing on FB which 1/2 hr. informercial I saw on CNBC at 11 pm last week. I have wasted thousands of $ over the last 7 years to absolutely ZERO results and BK!

      At 82 I still would like to work Affl Mktg. I am now on a very limited fixed income but fully well and alive!

      Would you have compassion enuf to show me how i could make some money helping local offline (and maybe non-functioning online) businesses become more proficient making customers jump to these local businesses?

      What incentive could i offer you?

      How about sharing a larger portion of my upfront fees and when this prototype works, spread it around to others.

      I am concentrating my efforts to help the humongous number of Veterans returning (2 million this year) to a jobs environment that is at best, sparse to none!

      I have researched “Grameen Lending;” “Banking Without Borders;” Co-operatives (like the largest one in the U.K.;) etc.

      If you can stretch your compassion and imagination far enuf, you can email me or even call me @ 951-652-2384 and see if we can both meld our skills to become heroes to our Vets and to our local offline businesses.

      You must already know that neither the Republican nor the Democratic party are there to help us — it’s a great deal of puffery! We the people must create our own economy!

      God Be With You and Yours.


      • mitzi

        Joseph oh me. If you have already spent thousands of dollars, then somewhere in your arsenal…..there is someone that you want to be like. Someone who has achieved what you want to achieve. Find that someone and do what they do and decide what position you want to be in 6 months to a year and emulate them! Joseph you are absolutely right about creating our own economy! You have a passion and it is helping Veterans returning. I would suggest focusing a website/blog incorporating affiliate marketing into it to assist Veterans returning. This sounds like your passion. Right now, I am focusing on my separate goals and projects. Thank you Joseph for asking me to assist you…right now I have to respectfully decline.

  • Jiayrah Wright

    Has anyone who has read this been accepted into the EWA Network or Linkshare, or even Commission Junction?

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